Tech Specification

Name: GameCrypto

Algo: X11 PoW/PoS

Last PoW block: 40320

PoS start block: 10240

RPC: 7777 P2P: 7778

Financial Data

Total emission: 80.000.000 Cryptos

Pre-mine: 12.5% for IPO & bounties

Transaction confirm after: 10 blocks

Stake interest: 10%

Min/max stake: 24 hour / 30 days

Mining Info

Block time: 60 sec

Block reward: 250 Cryptos

Maturity: 240 blocks

Retarget: 12 minutes

PoW stage: 4 weeks

GameCrypto Mission

GameCrypto peer-to-peer currency launched for use as payments processing system in games where some economic components can be added. It can be resource extraction, item crafting, hunting or in-game trading. Both online games can be a good candidate to integrate with cryptocurrency.

Usually games use only donate system, but what about withdrawal implementation? Read on and you will find answers to these questions.

Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency operates like a personal Bank and calculates bounties for founded block by amount and duration of untouched funds in your wallet. This feature allow us to rethink the usual scheme of financial relations between game developers/publishers and ordinary gamers.

When you can take profit on cryptocurrency deposits without special expenses, you may share some of this profit with your game players. Perhaps it is not so easy to realize, as we would like, but it will allow game developers to extend the abilities of their games, increase the investment flow, will attract new players. You also can accept cryptocurrencies as donates and didn't allow withdrawals, it's your entitlement .

Join us for fun and profit! :)

Are you ready to raid dungeon?

We're aimed at introduction of the practical use and further development of the in-game cryptocurrencies and ready for cooperation with online-game devs.